ECHD provides complete turnkey solutions in the overall design of house and office interiors, including the manufacture and supply of custom designed furniture. We offer outstanding craftsmanship, affordability, integrity and customer services.

We are well recognized for our detailed material specifications and thorough designs. Our team of highly talented designers communicates directly with the architects and builders. Using design software such as AutoCAD and SmartDraw our designers can create not only beautiful designs, but technically accurate designs.

A unique feature of ECHD is our extensive resource library which includes the most recent fabrics, wall coverings, custom designed furniture, staircases, tiling, carpeting, wood flooring and glass frosting. This library provides our busy clientele with the luxury of the latest trends and resources all at their fingertips.

The ECHD team is fully prepared to assist you with all your design needs. We will handle all facets of your project from conception to completion in any spacial type, from residential to commercial, renovation to new construction.

To create a space comfortable enough to love your life in, not around. It takes shared passion, unique vision, and a partnership with our clients to deliver a tailor design solution.

You can expect a high calibre of service when partnering with ECHD during your construction and renovation process. With our commitment to excellence and our knowledgeable approach to design, we are able to maximise the potential of your home. Throughout your renovation project, we will resolve construction issues and help you through any tough decisions throughout the design and construction process. Our skilled team of designers will ensure your project is completed correctly and effectively every step of the way.

All products and samples are available on request, email us at You can alternatively visit our showrooms for further details